Greenworld's products for better Asphalt & Emulsions

The "Greenseal" product family - additives for bituminous application enhancing performance of asphalt

Discover the greenseal product line and their typical power reactivity with the bitumineous binders

Blends of fatty acids and their ester are acting at low doses on the rheology of bitumen as well as on a chemically way by modifying their molecular chains and ameliorating their original properties.
The property of those greenseal is their measurably organic radicals :

« R-COOH » quantifies the acid value (IA) parameter of their molecular mass of carboxilic acids of aliphatic chains
« R> C=C< R » quantifies the iodine value ( II) , corresponding with their double bindings
« R-COOR » quantifies the saponification value (IS) corresponding with the saponification of their esteried fatty acids.

By additionning the measured organic radical of the IA, II and IS a typical REACTIVITY INDEX = Ire, expressed in ppm is obtained and finally corresponding with their total power reactivity with the asphaltenes and maltenes of the bitumen which finally modifies favourably their original mechanical and chemical properties.
Due to those specific organic radicals, performing asphalt is obtained for several typical road appliances :

  1. better adhesivity of the binders and higher cohesion of the asphalt 
  2. fluxing binder for repaved- and recycled asphalt
  3. restoring and improving >60 %  repaved- and recycled asphalt
  4. low temperature 250°F mixing repaved asphalt
  5. multi-recycling of repaved asphalt
  6. > 15 % fuel decrease
  7. higher longevity of roads with repaved asphalt
  • higher wetting and dispersion  of the binders        
  • asphalt handling up to 160° F                                           
  • low temperature asphalt confection at < 220°F , 4 – 8 % decrease of needed binder quantity
  • “blue smoke” disappearance
  • > 30 % fuel decrease /  less CO,CO2,SO2 & NOx emissions
  • better longevity of roads         
  • Improving quality by modifying  paraffinic bitumen
  • Pre-& proemulsive agent
     Increase of acid,saponification & iodine values
  • Insoluble in water
  • hydrophylise bitumen
  • higher visco-élasticity
  • fluxing property – high volatility >570°F
  • Increase of tensio-active property
  • Modifies the associationdegree: asphaltenes-maltenes
  • Great value for slurry seal surfacing techniques


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