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Producer of “GREENSEAL” Additives for bituminous applications.

GREENSEAL compound of > 99 % fatty acids and their esters are essentially consisted with following radicals :
R-COOH : quantifyed by the acid value ( IA) ,parametrizing the molecular mass of carboxyl-acids with aliphatic chains,
R-C = C- R : quantifyed by the iodine value ( II) , parametrizing the unsaturated corresponding with double carbon bounds,
R-COOR : quantifyed by saponification value (IS) ,parametrizing the saponification of the esterified fatty acids,
all of them have a particular affinity with the asphaltenes and maltene molecules of bitumen.

In the following table we obtain for all the «GREENSEAL» a reactivity index = IRe ( denominated in ppm) by summing their IA,IS & II.
IRe means the total reactivity power of their molecules with those of the «asphaltenes and maltenes» of bituminous binders.
Their molecules gives the thumb up to the chemical and mechanical properties of bitumen allowing to choose and optimize bitumen road applications.


Applications and uses






– low temperature recycling asphalt confection >120°C – adhesive dope

120 mgKOH/g120000 ppm

143 gI2/100g 1430000 ppm

110 mgKOH/g 110000 ppm

1660000 ppm


– confection of low temperature asphalt >105°C

– manoeuvrability dope for asphalt > 70°C

44 mgKOH/g

44000 ppm

128 gI2/100g 1280000 ppm

152 mgKOH/g 152000 ppm

1476000 ppm


– improving quality of paraffinic bitumen

– pro & pré-émulsive agent

– fluxing properties – non volatile

120 mgKOH/g 120000 ppm

176 gI2/100g 1760000


172 mgKOH/g 172000 ppm

2052000 ppm


What are you looking for to improve your bitumen and their applications ?

Greenseal AR

Product Info
  1. better bitumen adhesivity and asphalt cohesion dosage
  2. fluxing binder for repaved and recycled asphalt
  3. restoring and improving the repaved – and recycled asphalt
  4. recycling up to > 60 % repaved asphalt dosage
  5. confection of low temperature recycled asphalt > 250°F
  6. multi-recycling of repaved asphalt
  7. 20 % fuel decrease
  8. decreasing aging and cracking of recycled asphalt

Greenseal BT

Product Info
  1. maniabilité de l’enrobé  meilleure mouillabilité et  dispersion du bitume & dosages
  2. confection d’enrobés tièdes à  ≥  105°C & dosages
  3. 4 à 8 % de réduction de la consommation de bitume
  4. disparition du “blue smoke”
  5. >35 % de réduction de combustible
  6. réduction des rejets CO,CO2,SO2 & NOx
  7. augmentation de la longévité des routes

Greenseal E

Product Info
  1.  Improving quality of paraffinic bitumes
    pre & proemulsive agent
    apply dosage
  2. increase of acid- , saponification- and iodine values
  3. Insoluble in water, hydrophilise bitumen
  4. higher visco-elasticity ,increase of tensio-active property
  5. Fluxing properties, non volatile >300°C
    increase adhesivity
  6. modifies association degree « asphaltene – maltene »

Commun caracteristics of GREENSEAL

liquid at ambient temperature
high flashpoint ± 375°F
durability warrant
fluxing properties
thermostability ± 390°F
not toxic, not dangerous no ADR-label required
compatible with and soluble in all bitumen
substances « REACH » registrated